Dissertation on merger and acquisition

The employment law course aims to give an understanding of how the law regulates employment relationships within the context of the British industrial relations system.  Examples of potential topics of exploration in this module include, the development of Employment Law, incorporating sources and institutions of such. The relationship between employment law and other legal concepts will be discussed, notably in the discussion of the linkage between employment Law and human rights and the role of the ‘contract of employment’. Further substantive, practical areas of employment law will also be introduced, notably the law in respect of discipline and termination of employment, as well as redundancy and unfair dismissal.

The research have several aims regarding mergers and acquisitions of companies, specially Glaxo and SmithKilne. Merger and Acquisitions are never easy as many companies fail in their initial steps but some of them succeeding as well although number of failure is high. They fail because they could not recognise the actual factors on which they are doing mergers and acquisition. There are several factors upon which merger and acquisition takes place like HR, lack of capital, IT, lack of expertise, need for globalization and etc. It is not necessary that companies do merger and acquisition on all factors but it depends on companies' strategies and requirements as well. But in today's dynamic environment companies do merger and acquisition for increase their efficiency and effectiveness; companies have increasingly used mergers and acquisitions to change the scope and/or competitive environment of their business. Other factors which are useful in successful mergers and acquisitions are communication, corporate culture and change for surviving. In my project I will discuss the factors that have impact on before, during and after merger and acquisition. I will also look into the financial statement of the GSK for the last three years to determine that whether the company grows in its market price per share and price earning ratio. That are the main indicators that determines the performance of the company.

Dissertation on merger and acquisition

dissertation on merger and acquisition


dissertation on merger and acquisitiondissertation on merger and acquisitiondissertation on merger and acquisitiondissertation on merger and acquisition