Essay road safety measures

It is now becoming very unsafe to drive on the road day by day. Sometimes people use their personal vehicles for long time without regular maintenance and servicing, so it is very necessary to ensure vehicle’s proper working condition with timely service. It not only increases the life of vehicles; reduces the number of accidents too. Driver should check the brake system properly and well aware of the warning signs of failing brakes. There should always be first aid box, emergency tools, sufficient gasoline, and proper functioning vehicle before going to the trip.

Sixteen year old Anupama Kumar from India won first prize and attended the World Youth Assembly to receive her award. As part of her prize, her essay will be published in the upcoming WHO/UNICEF World report on child and adolescent injury prevention . You can read more about this competition on the UNICEF Website .                                                                                                                                Winning Essay

Essay road safety measures

essay road safety measures


essay road safety measuresessay road safety measuresessay road safety measuresessay road safety measures