Middle passage essay

Title IV - Telecommunications
Prior to the ADA, those who were blind, deaf or dumb had major challenges with communication. Today services like text telephone (TTY/TDD) have opened up the world to the hearing impaired. The hard of hearing or speech impaired can use these services to communicate by typing messages which are then relayed and received back in a way they can understand. Closed captioned TV has allowed those with hearing disabilities to keep up with current events or watch their favorite shows without lip reading. Computer generated relay services also allow communication through the internet and even your smart phone will allow hands-free communication through both visual and audio means. Communication is different, much different.

The African Slave-Trade and its Remedy
"...Upon the Negroes refusal to take sustenance..."
"...The deck…was so covered with the blood and mucus..."

An Account of Slave Trade on the Coast of Africa
"...few of the negroes can so far brook the loss of their liberty..."
"...a black woman seized some dirt from an African yam ..."

An essay on the comparative efficiency of Regulation or Abolition, as applied to the slave trade
"...The misery which the slaves endure in consequence of too close a stowage is not easily to be described..."
"...the slaves complain much of the heat, and sweat so when confined below..."

Observations on the slave trade from the coast of Guinea, during a voyage made in 1787 and 1788
"...a slave vessel belonging to Brest, having been becalmed in the Middle Passage fell short of provisions and water..."

An abstract of the evidence delivered before a select committee of the House of Commons in the years 1790 and 1791, on the part of the petitioners for the abolition of the slave trade
"...the enslaved Africans show signs of extreme distress and despair..."

Middle passage essay

middle passage essay


middle passage essaymiddle passage essaymiddle passage essaymiddle passage essay