Tootsie essay

Operation Freedom Rescues - Animal Rescue Documentary (22 mins)
Animal Rescue Corps spent the month of July, 2012 on the ground in Tennessee in back-to-back rescues saving the lives of nearly 200 animals. This short film by Brian Wilson documents the collaborative efforts, volunteers and partners that made these rescues possible, as well as the process from the first day until well after the last, as animals enter their new lives and loving families. Even using volunteers, rescuing these animals is very expensive and can only be carried out by people donating money . For more information about Animal Rescue Corps click here .

The student who receives the candy will answer and then gently toss a piece of candy to another student as he asks a similar question. The warmup may seem like a game, but it will get students talking and keep them alert. The warmup subtly teaches group interaction, thinking on your feet, asking and answering questions, self-reflection and cooperation. Ensure that you have good discipline and control over your class -- this might be a good warmup in the spring or toward the end of the school year, as students are becoming a bit tired. This is a great warmup to boost student spirits and attitudes. After all, no one can frown after receiving a few pieces of candy.

Tootsie essay

tootsie essay


tootsie essaytootsie essaytootsie essaytootsie essay